Michael Bleser Putlack (jimineverdies) wrote,
Michael Bleser Putlack

My "LoFi Abortion"

Some background, there is this movement among artists that is called "Crap Art." As explained on the offical website http://crapart.spacebar.org/, the goals are...

" 1. The practice of art should be primarily explorative, and the creation of art should be discovery rather than invention.

2. Popularly held views about what constitutes art, or what constitutes artistic talent, are elitist and discourage other forms of art and artistic talent from being explored or utilized.
3. The creation of art is more important than its consumption. Therefore, aesthetics (except in the biased eye/ear of the creator) are overrated as a judgment of the worth of art.

4. That which is created rapidly and in high quantities contains more variety and is more likely to be successful/innovative. Applying the 80%/20% "rule": If only 20% of the effort is needed to get 80% of the quality, then spending by spending only 20% of the effort, we can create five times as many artifacts at 80% quality! "

So it is all about just doing it to do it really. March is write a novel month, where one crap art project forces people to write 500,000 words by the first of April. Other crap art projects are things like photo journals where a person has to upload a new photo every day, but the one i chose to do is called Album-a-Day, its where you make 30 songs or 20 mins worth of music in one 24 hour period starting from scratch. I did it, and I am happy with the results. I Started at 12:41 this morning and finished off a song with Tyler Kellogg (a new member of the G2s whether he likes it or not) around 8. Here is the album I've dubed LoFi Abortion.

1.Twinkie Song
2.Went Down to the Station
3.Singing Songs
6.ee cummings song
8.Frontier Flight 538
9.Good Times Jam 

Some Importiant Notes:Lacey Smith wrote Track 6 for me, and Tyler played guitar on and helped write Track 8, and played drums on Track 9. Also, I couldn't get this songs digitized in stereo for some reason. The song that suffers most from this is "Vibraphone." I might eventually transfer these sometime in stereo when I figure out how!

PS: To Download right click and choose "Save Taget As" or "Save Link As..."


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